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We’re an Austin digital marketing agency with an in-house video production studio that works with entrepreneurs, eCommerce brands, professional service providers and small/medium businesses who want to engage with customers and grow their business by using cinema-quality videos and product photos – to use as content on their website, in ads and on social media – that are funny, memorable and effective.


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IF ONLY there were a way to get EVERYTHING you need from a digital perspective

Things like:

  • A beautiful, professional website that shared your story, your services, and your expertise, optimized to allowed customers to request information, book appointments, schedule calls, buy your services and order your products all without any need for you to be involved.
  • Memorable, funny live-action videos that were incredibly effective for advertising campaigns
  • Email and text marketing capabilities, to follow up with clients and encourage others to become new ones.

And it was built with superior quality by a team with decades of experience delivering the same premium experience to some of the biggest brands in the world.

Yet was available to you at prices that are aggressively low because that team wants to build up a base of extremely happy clients (you) for their testimonial base.

Let us completely set up your business for success with a foundation that will remain in place for years, in exchange for a truly great price and one honest review describing exactly how happy you are when we're done.

Note: There are only a few of these available and they won't last long.

Don't miss out because you waited too long This is a lot of a lot of digital amazingness, all wrapped up into one boxed up LaunchKit of things that would sell for 10 times the cost of this kit if bought separately. Don't believe us? Go ask around. But by the time you come back to take us on the offer, they'll be gone.

Check Out Some of our Videos

Here are a few examples of our high-performing video ad campaigns, including an example of a Testimonial video that we shot, produced, edited and delivered for one of our clients, an exotic car membership service.


Also included is a funny take from Launch Studio regulars, the “founders of Really Dark Darkness”, a fictional goth line of apparel available in many shades of black, a more serious eCommerce product video for a Logitech webcam that was made for Amazon, and a couple of other videos thrown in for good measure!


Creating this sort of content regularly can have a dramatic effect on building authority, respect and prestige for a business, brand or service provider regardless of size.


These videos will easily surpass any marketing campaign you’ve had in the past, in engagement, interest and performance.

In other words…
We’re Gonna Help You Make More Money, & Here’s Why

At Launch Studios, we’ve been around long enough to understand the big picture when it comes to the digital aspect of your business.

Marketing is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to digital success. It’s all about maximizing the results, doing more of what’s working well, less of what isn’t, and optimizing everything – including profits – in your business to come out on top.


Think of it this way: when you want to throw a party, you’re not going to just walk up to a random group of strangers and invite them to come over to your place.

Of course not, no. You need to think about what kind of party it’s going to be, and who really should be there, even if just a general ‘type’ of person (friends or family or neighbors or co-workers, etc).  This is called a ‘persona’ in the digital & marketing world, but it means that you have to know who would be the best guests to attend your party, before you figure out anything else.


Like with most things, parties (and digital business strategies) work out better with a plan.  And if you’re new to the whole party-hosting thing, it’s probably a good idea to talk to someone who has done it before, or better yet, hire out an expert event planner to greatly improve your chances of not forgetting something (or someone) important.

The planner might suggest sprucing up the place, fixing and painting over any broken features and making sure that everything is clean and presentable.


Otherwise, any guests that do show up are likely going to be left with a bad first impression, of your party, of your home, and ultimately, of you.  They’ll probably leave in a few minutes to see if there is another party hosted by someone that put a little more time into preparing and took the time to clean up the place, to make sure their guests were going to be happy there.

And even after you do that work to make the place look great, don’t forget to be sure the right food and drinks were prepared and are available, that there is enough seating available for everyone, the music is at the right volume, and that whatever activities you might be planning for entertainment purposes is ready to go.

Or in the digital marketing world, you want to provide a great “customer experience” to your guests.


Each of these elements may seem silly and insignificant on its own, but when they all come together, it’s unforgettable.

And if your current website and other digital representations of your business (and yourself) are not up to par, I can assure you that you have lost a lot of business because of it.

“Over the years, we’ve found we’re very effective serving the business that KNOWS they need to improve their digital experience for their customers, but they don’t really have any idea of WHAT they want to do, HOW to do it, and of course… HOW MUCH it’s going to cost.”

But it’s not too late to fix that.

That’s what sets us apart from any other agency.  We’ve worked to create and execute digital strategies for all sorts of companies, from local service providers to hot new start-up brands in the food and beverage space, to multiple global service Fortune 100 brands that generate billions of dollars in revenue each year.

With our extensive experience, we’ve found that our sweet spot is serving the business that knows they need to improve their digital experience for their customers, but they don’t really have any idea of what they want to do, how to do it, and of course, how much it’s going to cost.

And they don’t want to know.

They know we’re the experts and that we know as well as anybody what works in this space and what doesn’t.


So we take some time to talk with you, get to know you, learn about your business, your strengths and weaknesses, and identify who your primary and secondary customers are.  We also will ask you how much you are going to spend on this project.

Other agencies ask this question because they want to know how much lower they need to bid to beat out competitors.


We ask because when we put together our plan for you, we want to make sure that you are getting every single thing that we can do, for the dollar amount you are going to spend.  We’re not going to come in higher or lower than what you tell us are planning to spend. But if you have a $5,000 budget, then what we can do for you will be drastically different from what we could do if you had a $500,000 budget. Make sense?

If you’re looking for the cheapest agency, that’s not something we’re ever going to try to compete on to win.

*And if you want to try to ‘price shop’ our services to get a better price, well… be our guest.  We haven’t found one yet that does all of the things that we do, with anywhere close to the years of experience that we have, and who understands the key metrics and requirements and pressures of running a business themselves. 

Once all of that has been settled, we will create a digital marketing strategy that is made specifically for you, exactly on point for your business – your goals, your expectations and of course, your customers – targeting the right audience and minimizing wasted time and money.

And then, depending on the budget for this project, of course, we can take that plan and expertly execute it exactly as it was intended, using our beautiful, SEO optimized QuickLaunch websites and eCommerce stores, a full digital marketing package with social media marketing, Pay per Click, SEO, and email marketing, using our in-house video production studio to deliver exactly the right message that the campaign needs, and that no stock-photo or stock-video ever captured.

Like we said earlier… we are here because we are gonna make you a lot of money.

We should probably work together

You probably already know that best marketing campaigns aren’t effective because of some silly media-buying magic or made-up spending method, even if your current agency might be trying to lie to you and pitch you on something they read about in a Facebook group once. And you probably know to hang up on anyone that uses an acronym like ROAS, as that’s basically admitting that they rely on metrics conceived to make them look good, even if it is terrible for the business.  Or worse, maybe they don’t understand actual business at all.

But either way, the thing that makes any ad or marketing campaign effective is whether or not the audience notices it, pays attention to it, remembers it, talks about it, and ultimately acts upon it. That takes more than just the ad, of course.

The ad opens the door though, and that’s why we make ads that people notice, pay attention to, remember, talk about and act upon. We don’t do boring ads that nobody cares about or remembers. If you want boring, just use Canva and do it yourself (sorry Canva. #TruthHurts)

But if you want results, let’s talk.


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Here are just some of the companies and brands that have trusted us to deliver for them over the years. 

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