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Launch Studios is a leading digital marketing agency based in Austin, Texas. We help businesses grow with search, social media, and email campaigns that generate interest, sales, and leads through our proven custom marketing solutions, refined over 25 years of helping brands, merchants, entrepreneurs and small businesses grow.

Since 1997, our team has developed a reputation as an honest, trustworthy, and reliable partner for businesses searching for a digital marketing agency with the experience and expertise to drive qualified leads to their website and convert them into paying customers. 

Launch Studios is a full-service Austin digital marketing company that can handle all your online marketing needs.

Whether you need a more professional and functional website optimized with targeted SEO, cinema-quality video production, powerful marketing campaigns or content marketing, our digital experts will deliver – as we have for 25 years.

Built on methods and processes refined over 25 years of growing businesses just like yours.

Austin’s Best Digital Agency

Since 1997, our team has earned a reputation as an honest, trustworthy and reliable partner for businesses seeking a digital marketing agency with the expertise to drive qualified leads to their website and convert them into paying customers.

Upgrade Your Digital Appearance


Customers will judge you based on what they see (and don’t see) about you online. And they will decide in only a few seconds. You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

If you have an ugly or cheaply made logo, or your website is broken or confusing and doesn’t give your customers the information that they need or the ability to do what they want to do, then you are constantly losing sales.

Even worse, if you sell a product or service locally, and you don’t have customer reviews showing up right on Google – or worse, have negative customer reviews – you are likely turning off customers before they ever even visit your website.

You know that there are certain things that you look for before doing business with a company.

Make sure that these things are great for your own business, because you won’t get a second chance to earn a customer’s trust.

Create or refresh my brand / logo

We have a talented team of brand experts and graphic designers that will capture your vision for your brand or business in a way that connects with your customers.

Get a more professional website

Nothing hurts a business more than having an unprofessional website.  Broken pages, wrongly sized images and poor structure are common with a lot of DIY websites, and customers have no patience for this kind of experience.  They want to be able to find what they want to know, and do it quickly.  If your website doesn’t allow them to do so, they will find one that does.  We can build exactly what you need.

Improve my local search visibility and reviews on Google

Google Business Profile, previously called Google My Business, is a very important tool if your business provides goods and products to your local community. Proper optimization is key to a strong Google Business Profile, including customer reviews, photos, maps and more.

Need help with paid advertising?

We create amazing video and graphic ads at our Austin production studio, and run them as paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube and more.  And if pay-per-click search engine ads on Google or paid ads on Amazon are better options for your business, we will run and optimize those for you as well to deliver high-quality traffic for you that converts.

Rank higher on Google

When we build websites, they are always built with search engine optimization in mind.  We are experts in understanding the keywords that are best to deliver high-quality traffic to your site, and then doing everything necessary to help you rank well for them.

Manage your social media marketing

It is important to run effective social media campaigns, to grow your business organically (without paying for advertisements). When done properly, social media can be great to help customers get to know you and your business by sharing interesting, engaging content that customers genuinely care about.

Your best customers are your existing customers

We know how to drive loyalty from your existing customers and keep them coming back for more. We know that the most important metric for any business is Lifetime Value, so we focus on retention and email / SMS marketing automation to keep your best customers on board and always coming back for more.

Drive More Customers to Your Business


Once your website is looking good and working as an extension of your team, it’s time to open the doors to more customers.  But they won’t just show up on their own. 

Launch Studios has an in-house video production studio, which allows us to create the perfect advertisement to tell your story and to help you connect with your customers.  \

Professional quality video ads are more cost-effective when run as well, because they do a better job of holding the customer’s attention and making them remember the ad that they just watched.

So whether we are running advertisements for you on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or any other platform, your advertising dollars will go further with premium quality content created specifically for your business. 

Perhaps you’ve seen some of our work?

What makes us special?

The biggest thing we’ve learned in working with so many businesses over the years, from global eCommerce brands to local Austin small businesses, is that everybody’s business is different.

This means there is no one-size fits all solution.

We take the time to understand your business and where your customers come from – so that we can meet them in the right place, with the right message, at the right time.

We Solve Problems

Ultimately, the success of a business falls on its ability to solve problems.

And we’re really good at it.

That’s why we start with listening first, to understand the unique challenges that face your business. We won’t know how best to help – and if we can help – unless we truly understand what challenges you are looking to solve.

Then we do a deeper dive into your current business.  Some people might call this an audit as well.  We don’t care what you call it, we’re going to evaluate your current situation. 

We dig into your analytics data, the experience and functionality of your current website or Shopify eCommerce store, your marketing campaigns and advertising efforts, your email list, your SEO rankings…  everything that we need to understand to be able to create an educated and informed strategy, all focused on how to solve your challenges.

Then we take action and begin implementing the strategy, keeping you informed and updated every step of the way.  We track our progress very transparently, measuring the data that matters the most and documenting the improvements as we go. 

Our goal is to have lifetime clients. We aim to be so great that you don’t want to ever leave. But the first step is a call. Shall we?