Why should you work with Launch Studios?

The first question is, do you want to work with a Digital Presence Agency?  You should.

A digital presence agency is going to do whatever it takes to make sure you are not only found by potential customers and clients online, but to make you be chosen by them.

Here's what a digital experience & online presence agency does.

There are a ton of digital marketing agencies out there. More than a few were started by a 20-something kid who was introduced to the industry just yesterday when stumbling across a YouTube video about how easy it is to be a ‘fill in the blank’.

There are also a lot of web design agencies out there too.  Many build beautiful websites but have never had to rely on one themselves, so they don’t really what to put on the site or what that means to you.

There are thousands of SEO “experts” out there, and lots of them deliver solid results – at least until the next Google update punishes them for their “black hat” techniques.

And don’t get us started on the number of social media marketing experts there are these days. Our favorites are the ones who proudly post how much money they’ve spent on ads (as if it’s hard to spend someone else’s money?).

Anyway, here’s a little bit of what makes a digital experience & online presence agency – like Launch Studios –  different and so much better than all of those other agencies out there.

Being found online means nothing unless you're chosen.

We’ve spent over 20 years getting websites to the top spots on Google. But despite the evolution and all the changes in the algorithm over that time, there is one thing that has never changed – and never will.

A ranking can only do so much. The rest is up to you. Or if you prefer… it’s up to us.

Not only do we get people to find your site through various channels, from SEO, paid search, social media ad campaigns, and much more, but our secret sauce is the process we’ve developed over the past 25+ years that showcases your expertise and your success stories , making you the obvious choice for the customer who is seeking your products or services, finds you and makes a choice to work with you.

We create an inviting online presence that makes people feel like they know you and what to expect before they even walk through your doors.

We build your brand online, turning your insight and digital experience into a magnet that gives you instant credibility and respect, winning over prospects who previously didn’t even know who you were.

In short, we make sure that when people see your business online, they don’t just scroll past; they stop, they’re interested, and they want to engage. With Launch Studios, you’re not just another online listing; you’re a digital powerhouse in your field.

You're not a seller. You're a solution.

In the digital experience world, positioning is everything.

To typical agencies, you’re just another business trying to sell something to a customer.

Here at Launch Studios, you are the solution to your customers’ problems.

It’s an entirely different approach than most agencies take, but one that is very effective in differentiating you from the competition. This is why most agencies aren’t digital experience and online presence agencies. This kind of knowledge comes from experience and year after year of proven success.

Our approach is model what it is like meeting you in person – we bring your expertise and unique approach to your products, your services, and even your life – and we tell that story online. This way, when potential clients find you, they don’t just see a business; they see a familiar face they already know and trust – and the one who is the solution to their problems.

Trust and Credibility Leads to... More Trust and Credibility

We don’t sit back and hope you build trust and credibility that grows your business.  We know the reasons that make you great are already there, and so we know how to pull it out of you in a way that we can present it online.

Then, we share the processes to keep the train moving forward in what becomes a nearly automated machine that just keeps getting more and more powerful with each new client that you serve.

The only thing that you have to do is to keep doing what you have always done and be great at servicing your customers. The rest will be on auto-pilot, and your customers will even start doing more and more of your marketing for you.

Yes, word-of-mouth marketing is a very important aspect of online marketing, even if handled a little differently than you might expect it to.

It doesn’t happen at all with those other agencies, because they are only worried about getting your listing out there, somewhere.  But it’s a part of your overall, comprehensive digital presence, which is much more important to your long-term growth and success.

Need more examples of what a Digital Experience & Online Presence Agency – like Launch Studios – does that makes their clients so happy to work with them?

No? Well, you’re gonna get some anyway!
We’ve got a few gems here that do a great job of explaining it, and it’s a great way to make sure that we covered as many potential businesses as possible.  Plus, it helps our SEO. 😉

eCommerce Retailers

Imagine your favorite online store being not just as a shopping destination, but a place where customers feel like they’re stepping into your vision. We don’t just drive traffic to your site; we create an experience where each visitor feels like they’ve discovered their favorite new shopping spot.

Attorneys & Law Firms

We’ll shape the entire digital experience for you or your firm that speaks volumes of your expertise and client success stories. It’s not just about being visible in search results; it’s about being the first name that comes to mind when needed. We create a digital presence that’s as compelling and trustworthy as meeting you in person.

Healthcare Clinics

We transform your clinic’s online presence to feel as welcoming and reassuring as your physical reception. It’s about creating a space online where patients feel cared for even before they walk through your door. We ensure your clinic isn’t just found but felt – a place where patients turn to for trusted healthcare.

Real Estate Agents

Imagine your properties shining online, captivating potential buyers and sellers the moment they start their search. We make your listings and agency stand out in the digital world, turning online searches into property viewings and handshakes. It’s about being the first and only choice for real estate needs.

Financial Services

We build your financial firm’s digital presence to echo the confidence and trust you offer your clients. It’s not just about listing your services; it’s about crafting an online identity that assures clients they’re in capable hands. We make sure when people think of financial security and growth, they think of you.

Tech Startups

For tech startups like yours, we create a digital buzz that amplifies your innovative ideas. It’s about making your startup not just visible but irresistible to potential investors and customers. We turn your online presence into a showcase of innovation and potential, making your brand the talk of the tech world.

Hospitality (Hotels/Resorts)

We craft an online experience for your hotel or resort that’s as inviting as your best suite. It’s not just about showing pictures; it’s about telling your story in a way that guests start imagining their stay before they’ve even booked. We make your hospitality business the go-to destination for travelers.

Restaurants & Cafes

For your restaurant or cafe, we create an online flavor that’s as memorable as your dishes. It’s about making people crave your cuisine with just a glance at their screen. We turn your online presence into a tantalizing teaser of the dining experiences you offer, making empty tables disappear.


We build an online presence for your institution that reflects the quality and spirit of your education. It’s about inspiring prospective students at first click, making them see your institution as their future. We make sure when people think of educational excellence, your name leads the pack.

Fitness Centers & Gyms

We craft a digital presence for your fitness center that’s as energizing and motivating as your workouts. It’s not just about listing facilities; it’s about creating an online community that’s excited to get fit and healthy. We turn your online space into a hub of inspiration and action for fitness enthusiasts.

Beauty & Wellness Spas

Imagine your spa’s online presence being as serene and inviting as the oasis you provide. We don’t just list your services; we create a digital sanctuary that beckons visitors to escape into your world of beauty and relaxation. It’s about making you the go-to spot, where every interaction feels like a step into tranquility.

Automotive Dealerships

For your dealership, we rev up your online presence to mirror the excitement of a new car. It’s not about just showcasing vehicles; it’s about crafting an experience that gets hearts racing and eyes dreaming. We make your dealership not just a place to buy a car, but the ultimate destination for automotive enthusiasts.

Travel & Tourism

We transform your travel company’s online presence into a journey in itself. It’s about creating a digital adventure that begins the moment someone finds you online. We make your tours and destinations irresistible, turning wanderlust into bookings and making your company the passport to unforgettable experiences.


For your construction business, we build an online presence as solid and impressive as your projects. It’s about showcasing your expertise and reliability, making your company the first choice for any construction need. We make sure that when people think of building or renovating, they see your brand as the cornerstone of quality.

Event Planning

Imagine your event planning business’s online presence being as vibrant and detailed as your events. We don’t just list your services; we create an online experience that showcases the unforgettable online experiences that we deliver. It’s about making you the expert for anyone looking to turn their event into a talked-about occasion.

Specialty Retail / Boutiques

For your boutique, we weave an online presence that’s as unique and appealing as your collections. It’s about creating a digital storefront where every visitor feels the exclusivity and charm of your brand. We turn your online space into a destination for those seeking something truly special and unique.

Entertainment Venues

We design your entertainment venue’s online presence to be as captivating as the performances you host. It’s about creating a digital stage that entices and excites, drawing audiences into your world of entertainment. We make your venue not just a place to go, but the place to be for unforgettable experiences.

Dental Practice

For your dental practice, we create an online presence that reflects the care and professionalism you provide. It’s about making potential patients feel reassured and welcomed the moment they find you online. We turn your digital space into a hub of trust and comfort, drawing in patients who value quality care.

Veterinary Clinics

We build your veterinary clinic’s online identity to be as caring and trustworthy as your services. It’s about creating a digital space where pet owners feel understood and supported. We make your clinic not just a service provider, but a partner in pet care, building a community of trust and loyalty.

Accounting Firms

We craft a digital identity for your accounting firm that highlights your expertise and reliability. It’s about creating an online space where businesses and individuals feel guided and supported in their financial decisions. We position you as not just accountants, but as financial stewards for your clients.