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I’m Joe Rozsa, co-founder and Head of Digital here at Launch Studios, and it’s great to see you here – and on this page, specifically.

It’s a very big deal because you are just one step away from initiating a conversation that could redefine your entire digital strategy, if not your personal and professional success trajectory. I’m eager to hear about your ideas, your challenges, and your experiences up to this point, good and bad.

Simply fill out this form with your name, preferred contact details, and a brief description of your project or how you feel you may benefit from our experience and services.

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Your application will go directly to me. From there, I may contact you directly or may have someone on the team follow up with you, but rest assured, it will be seen by one of our digital experts and you will hear back from us.

A Digital Experience Assessment 360 (or, DEA360 as we sometimes refer to it) is an incredibly valuable report regardless of what happens after.  These are a comprehensive analysis of you, or your business, from a 360-degree perspective, that not only includes the current state of affairs as I see it, but it includes a recommended plan of attack prepared just for you, by me personally, a guy who has spent the last 27 years launching digital businesses for brands such as Harley-Davidson & DSW, leading the digital business for community-driven companies such as theChive, Rooster Teeth, Global Healing, and CLEAN Cause, while consulting and providing strategic advice for numerous other brands ranging from global icons such as Calvin Klein, Mattel (Barbie, Hot Wheels, and American Girl), Caterpillar to local icons, start-ups, small businesses, and professional and local service providers, right here in Austin, Texas (and all over the United States).

Some of those brands spent over $15,000 for the same exact assessment and strategic plan from me. We offer them to clients for $4,995, but those filling out this form applying for a free DEA360, will lock in an even better price if not selected for a free DEA360, as you will be able to purchase one for slightly less than half price, $2,495.

In full disclosure, we do not give out many of these for free. There are no specific criteria, as it depends on how much available time I have to prepare a quality report for you (outside of office hours), how much potential I see in what you are doing, and how much I think that what I create for you will be the playbook to get things moving for you – whether you take the plan and execute it yourself, with another agency, or ideally, with us.

Regardless, if I am signing my name to it, it has to be something that I know will generate at least 10x what you’re spending (and I’ll show you exactly in the report), or I won’t do it at all, even if you’re willing to pay the $2,495.

So fill out the form below to get started.  No money is due, and there isn’t even a place to enter a credit card number if you wanted to. We’ll respond with either approval of your free DEA360, a note telling you that you were not approved for a free DEA360 (with an invoice if you should want to purchase one at over 50% off), or a ‘thank you, but I don’t feel I can help you’ note.

Rest assured, your contact details are safe with us. We’re not adding you to a surprise, unexpected newsletter, we’re not going to start blasting your inbox with spam, and we absolutely will never share or sell your information. It’s just me, Joe, on behalf of Launch Studios, reaching out to establish trust and to show you that we’d love to have a conversation with you that could change everything for you, whenever you are ready.

We look forward to connecting with you soon! Good luck with your application!

All the best!

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Launch Studios
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Apply for a FREE Digital Experience Assessment 360

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